Mock Interview 1


1. Why you have chosen civil services as career? 
> Do you have requisites attributes and aptitude to become a successful administrator? Justify with examples.

2. Do you think there is a need to bring major changes in civil services to cater the complex and technological driven administration?
> Whether introduction of specialists will lead to conflict lack of coordination and service comradeship?

​3. What are the issues which led to Ukraine war?
> What are your views on India's stand in UN on Ukraine?
> What are the short term and long term implications of Ukraine war on India and the world?

​4. How you view recent Hijab controversy? 

> What is the court judgement on Hijab Controversy?

> Can you spell out the legal issues involved?

​5. What are your Hobbies?

> Are hobbies a luxury or a leisure activity?

​> What are some hobbies that make you think?

Member 1
1. Mention three important observations made in Annual Economic Survey 2021-22.
> Recently, the Union Finance Minister in the Union Budget for 2022-23 announced “Parvatmala” scheme. It pertains to what? Can you explain this scheme?​

​2. What are the five pillars of Atma Nirbhar Bharat?
> What is the potential of Atmanirbharata for India?

Member 2

1. Have you read today’s newspaper? Tell us about the news which you consider important and Why?
> Do you think that media is playing an important role in a democracy like ours?
​> Is Indian media biased? 
> What you think of sensationalism in Indian media?

2. What you understand 'Transparency in Governance'?
> What are the main characteristics of good governance?​​

Member 3

1. Recently e National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing Policy has been unveiled. What is 'Additive Manufacturing'?

> What are key features of this policy?

​2. Are you aware about “New India Literacy Programme”? 

> What are its objectives?

Member 4

1. What is objective of 'National AI Portal'?
> Give some examples of AI in administration.

2. What is 5G technology? How it differs from 4G?
> What is the status of 5G rollout in India?

​Member 5

1. Recently a Ministry of Co-operation has been formed. Can you you explain about this new ministry?
> What are its objectives?

​2. What is Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate (GMCTR)?
> How it is important to world economy?

​3. How is inflation measured in India?
> What does retail inflation rate mean in India?

Mock Interview 2


​1. Reforms in civil services has always been a topic of debate. Why it is so? 
> Do we really require reforms? If yes, spell some salient issues which need reforms. 

2. What is Mission Karmayogi? 
> Are you aware of Sibhu Lal Committee?

3. In your view what type of relationship between the bureaucracy and political executive should be?

4. 1. How you view the recent accidental firing of an Indian missile into Pakistan?
> What was the incident and what was its response?

5. What is NATO? Why it is in news?
> Is Ukraine is part of NATO?
> What role NATO has played during Ukraine crisis?

​6. Agricultural Laws have been withdrawn by government. How do the central farm laws could have change the agricultural regulatory framework in India?
> Whether the committee on MSP has been formed?  What will be its scope?

Member 1

1. What is the significance of 'QUAD grouping' in context of contemporary international scenario?
> How QUAD 1.0 is different from QUAD 2.0?
> Whether India's active role in QUAD will have any impact on its relationship with other countries? Explain with reference to India's stand on Ukraine.

2. What is causing the historic increase in petrol and diesel rates?
> How you view future of EVs in India?

​Member 2

1. Is fighting hunger is India’s greatest challenge? 
> Why India is ranked very low in the Global Hunger Index?
> What are the parameters of Global Hunger Index?

2. Women safety continues to be a major issue in India! 
> What steps have government taken to ensure women's safety in India? 
> Are they adequate?

Member 3

​1. Who has launched 'Global Methane Assessment'?
​> explain its salient features.

Are the Agreements on Climate Change has been mere on paper?
> Where last COPA meeting was held? What are key decisions taken in that meeting?

Member 4

​1. What are the development challenges faced in  administration in naxals affected areas in India? 
> What are the initiatives need to be taken in this regard?​​

2. Government has announced a slew of measures to rescue the ailing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. Indicate some of the measures.
> What changes have been made in the definition of MSME?
> With reference to definition of MSME, is there any distinction between manufacturing and service MSMEs?

Member 5

1. You have mentioned couple of hobbies and extra curricular activities. In what way curricular activities has helped in your personal development?
​> Do you think that NCC / NSS should be made compulsory in every school?