It is often noticed that some students despite doing well in written examination not able to perform well in interview because of inadequate communication skills and lack of confidence. 

Hence this endeavor is aimed at mentoring the students to face and perform well in the interview for civil services and also for other competitive examinations.

DAF (Detailed Application Form)

Candidates are required to fill up a Detailed Application Form (DAF). This generally contains details about educational back ground; work experience, native place, extra-curricular activities; optional papers, choice of services etc. In fact, this detailed form serves some sort of CV to the panel members. Hence, it is likely that many questions of the panel members may be based on the responses of candidates on the form. 

The civil services aspirants based in Chennai can join Free Mock Interview / Personal mentorship by an I.A.S. Officer, retired as Additional Chief Secretary. The aspirants who are not Chennai based can request for Mock Interview /  Personal mentorship through online Chat / Skype. They can also send copy of DAF for analysis and guidance. The student can also ask any question through email and efforts will be made to give responses early. 

In this regard, Please contact through -
Email: rakukh54@rediff.com 
Phone no. 044 42108427

Mock Interview 1


1. Why you have chosen civil services as career? 

> Do you have requisites attributes and aptitude to become a successful administrator? Justify with examples.

2. What are the issues which led to Ukraine war?

> What are your views on India's stand in UN on Ukraine?

> Evacuation of students has been a great challenge for our foreign policy! Do you agree and if yes, how? 

​3. What are the short term and long term implications of Ukraine war on India and the world?

> Can you suggest some measures to counter economic stress which it will cause to India?

​4. Why the 'The Delimitation Commission for Jammu and Kashmir' was constituted?

> What is status of Article 370 and Article 35A?

> Should it be again declared as State?

​5. What did your hobbies do for Your Life?

> Do you have a hobby that makes you happy?

Member 1

1. Mention three important observations made in Annual Economic Survey 2021-22.
> Recently, the Union Finance Minister in the Union Budget for 2022-23 announced “Parvatmala” scheme. It pertains to what? Can you explain this scheme?​

​2. What are the five pillars of Atma Nirbhar Bharat?
> What is the potential of Atmanirbharata for India?

​Member 2

1. What is the court judgement on Hijab Controversy? Can you spell out the legal issues involved?

2. the Supreme Court (SC) has noted that it is time to define the limits of sedition. Can you elaborate?
> Which sections of IPC deals with Sedition?


Member 3

1. How you view the recent accidental firing of an Indian missile into Pakistan?

> What was the incident and its response?

​2. Have you heard of 'Bell of Faith' scheme?

> who has launched this scheme?

Member 4

1. What are the District Central Co-operative Banks (DCCBs) with State Cooperative Banks (StCBs)?

> How their functioning differ?

​> Should not these banks be merged?

​2. What is objective of 'National AI Portal'?
> Give some examples of AI in administration.

Member 5

​1. Who has launched 'Global Methane Assessment'?

​> explain its salient features.

​2. What is SpaceX?

>  Have you heard of 60 Starlink Broadband Satellites?

>  How are Starlink satellites different from traditional satellites?



​1. Reforms in civil services has always been a topic of debate. Why it is so? 
> Do we really require reforms? If yes, spell some salient issues which need reforms. 

> What is Mission Karmayogi? 
> Are you aware of Sibhu Lal Committee?

​2. What is NATO? Why it is in news?

> Is Ukraine is part of NATO?

> What role NATO has played during Ukraine crisis?

​3. What is the objective of One Nation One Ration Card scheme (ONORC)?
​> What are its benefits?
> Whether all  States have accepted this scheme?

​4. Agricultural Laws have been withdrawn by government. How do the central farm laws could have change the agricultural regulatory framework in India?

> What is the scope of committee on MSP?

5.  What is Zero carbon economy?

> Ministry of Power has decided to recently set up a National Mission for coal based thermal projects? Can you elaborate?

Member 1 

​1.  Supreme Court (SC) has widened the scope of section 304B of Indian Penal Code (IPC)! It is about what matter? 

​> Can you list out important legislations for protection of women?

2. Can you explain 'Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) 3.0 Scheme'?
​> What is its significance? 
>  How it will help in achieving 'Sustainable Development Goals'?

Member 2 

​1. What is 5G technology? How it differs from 4G?

> What is the status of 5G rollout in India?

​2. Have got vaccinated? If yes, which one? How Covishield  differs from Covaxin?

> Is there any Link between Air Quality and Covid-19?

> What are vaccine pass and ‘vaccine passport’?

Member 3

​1. What's the law on social media in India?
​> What were the issues between Twitter and the government?
> Twitter had lost the coveted “safe harbour” immunity in India! What it does imply?

2. What are the 'Other Service Providers (OSPs)'?

> What roles OSPs play?

> Can you mention some of the important Features of New Policy?

​Member 4 

1. What had been implications for India on US withdrawal from Afghanistan?

> How India can guard its safeguard its interest in Afghanistan?

2. Can you explain the institutional framework for Disaster Management in India?

​> What does section 51 of the Disaster Management Act mean?

> What has been directions given to NDMA by Supreme Court recently on Covid? 

Member 5

1. Recently a new ministry has been formed. Can you you explain about this new ministry?

> What will be the new Ministry’s objectives?

​2. What is Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate (GMCTR)?

> How it is important to world economy?

​3. How is inflation measured in India?

> What does retail inflation rate mean in India?

Mock Interview 5


​1. 1. Do you think there is a need to bring major changes in civil services to cater the complex and technological driven administration?
> Do you agree with the preposition that there is a need for bringing more specialists in the administration?
> Whether introduction of specialists will lead to conflict lack of coordination and service comradeship?

2. What is the significance of 'QUAD grouping' in context of contemporary international scenario?
> How QUAD 1.0 is different from QUAD 2.0?
> Whether India's active role in QUAD will have any impact on its relationship with other countries? 

3. In your view which are the three most budget announcements? 
​> Can you spell out three key highlights from current the Economic Survey?
> What is a V-shaped Recovery?

Member 1

3. Government has announced a slew of measures to rescue the ailing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. Indicate some of the measures.
> What changes have been made in the definition of MSME?
> With reference to definition of MSME, is there any distinction between manufacturing and service MSMEs?

Member 2

1. Have you read today’s newspaper? Tell us about the news which you consider important and Why?
> Do you think that media is playing an important role in a democracy like ours?
​> Is Indian media biased? 
> What you think of sensationalism in Indian media?

2. What you understand 'Transparency in Governance'?
> What are the main characteristics of good governance?​​

Member 3

1. Is fighting hunger is India’s greatest challenge? 
> Why India is ranked very low in the Global Hunger Index?
> What are the parameters of Global Hunger Index?

2. Women safety continues to be a major issue in India! 
> What steps have government taken to ensure women's safety in India? 
> Are they adequate?

Member 4

 Issues of migrant workers during Covid-19 crisis in India has highlighted the need for a calibrated and effective policy for migrant workers. What are your views on this?
> How you perceive the importance of MNREGA during Coronavirus?

​Member 5

1. Are the Agreements on Climate Change has been mere on paper?
> Where last COPA meeting was held? What are key decisions taken in that meeting?

​2. What are the development challenges faced in  administration in extremist affected areas in India? 
> What are the initiatives need to be taken in this regard?​​

Member 6

1. You have mentioned couple of hobbies and extra curricular activities. In what way curricular activities has helped in your personal development?
​> Do you think that NCC / NSS should be made compulsory in every school?

Mock Interview 6


1. Why you want to join civil services? 
> What are three most important attributes a good administrator should have?
> Whether you have the attributes you just mention?

2. What are your views on cadre allocated in AIS? 
> What criteria you have adopted while choosing your preferences? and why?

3. Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems; some of them are natural and some others are manmade. Can you elaborate?
>What is there in farm laws that make them so contentious to certain political parties and farmers Organizations?

4. State Assembly elections are being held in few States. It again highlighted the need on election reforms on freebies, money powers and  criminalisation of politics. What are your views in this regard? Suggest some concrete measures to prevent them.
> There has been a pronouncement by Supreme Court on the issue of appointment of State Election Commissioner, are you aware? 

Member 1

1. UN reforms should advance with challenges and difficulties! Do you think it is happening?
> Suppose you have been entrusted with task of speaking to foreign delegates on the topic 'UNSC reforms: Need to make India  a permanent member'. What are arguments you will give in this regard?

​2. Indian Prime Minister had visited Bangladesh recently. What was the occasion?
> How you will evaluate the relationship between the two countries?
> Can you spell out certain outstanding issues between the countries?

Member 2

​1. What is Fiscal deficit?
​> For budget 2021-22, at what level fiscal deficit has been pegged?
> What happens when fiscal deficit increases?

2. Who is India's top Trading Partner in 2022?
> What are the commodities which India exports to US and China?

Member 3

​1. What is Bhuvan Portal?
> What is its significance?

​2. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has launched Sandes? 
> What is its objective?
> Spell out its key features

Member 4

1.  Is Naxal problem a social or economic problem? 
>  What are the strategic challenges towards its conflict resolution?

​2. What are key highlights of the New Education Policy? 
​> How it will impact higher education in India?

Member 5

​1. Who is Maharaja Suheldev? and why he was in news?

​2. What is 'Parakram Diwas'? When it is celebrated? 
> What is its significance?

Member 6

​1. There has been criticism of WHO on handling of COVID -19! How you see this issue?

​2. There is a demand for Universalisation of Covid vaccination in India, What is your view in this regard?

Mock Interview 7


1. There has been criticism of Civil Services and this calls for its reforms. Can you spell out  the reforms which civil services need? 
​> In your view what type of relationship between the bureaucracy and political executive should be?

2. In context of protests by farmers against farm laws, the one of the demand is to provide legal guarantee for the minimum support prices (MSPs). What is your view? What is present status in this regard?
> Do you think that MSP (Minimum Support Price) has benefited the farmers?
> What is the difference between minimum support price from procurement price in context of India's agriculture? 

3. COVID-19 was declared a national disaster by the Indian government. What does it implies?
​> What Is Co-WIN Vaccine Delivery Management System? 
> List out the challenges which India had faced in Covid vaccination programme.


1. In your view what is most important announcement made in Union Budget 22? and why?

​2. What is RBI's consumer confidence index? What latest survey indicate?

M 2

1. Your name is quite difficult to pronounce! What is correct way to pronounce?
> Whether it has any meaning? if yes -what?
> What do you think of the practice of suffixing  husband's surname / name after marriage?
>  Don't you think it undermine woman's personal Identity?

2. A civil court has ordered ASI probe into Gyanwapi mosque dispute. Where it is located? 

3. It is difficult to bring up and implement Uniform Civil Code in a democratic set-up with such diversities of faiths, personal laws, cultures, traditions and practices" Do you subscribe to this view?  

M 3

1. Is there a difference between artificial intelligence and robots?

​2. What is causing the historic increase in petrol and diesel rates?
> How you view future of EVs in India? 

3. Have you heard of 'MOVE Summit / Conference'? It was about what?

4.  Is India going to be the next super power in terms of space programs?
> Give some examples of India’s latest launches.

M 4

1. What does the term 'New Geopolitical mean'?
> What are the foreign policy challenges India faces in 2021?

2. What is ‘East Look Policy’? 

> How it differs from 'Act East Policy'?

3. Where is Chabahar port?
 >Explain its strategic importance for India.    

4. In what way India could benefit from the membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)? 

M 5

1.. 'Lies spread faster on social media than truth does'. How fake news and disinformation can be combated?

2. To what extent the Non-State Actors play a role in policy making and administrative governance in India? Explain with examples.

3. What is the difference between constitutional and statutory bodies or powers in India? 

M 6

1. Do you think State Funding of Electoral Campaigns feasible in India?

2. Secularism is India's greatest strength. What are the challenges to secularism in India?

3. "The persistence of hunger and very poor nutrition indicators are cause for worry!"  
> Whether POSHAN Abhiyaan has been able to achieve its objectives?