Strategy for CSE Mains 

​​​​​​​​To succeed in this IAS / CSE (Main ) examination, it require -

> prudent planning

> organized preparation

> appropriate resource materials.

Determination to succeed, positive attitude and requisite confidence would be a key in clearing IAS / CSE.

* Different strategy would be required for the preparation of IAS/CSE (Main) after the declaration of Prelims results vis-a-vis the strategy adopted along with Prelim preparation.

# Preparation and Strategy for IAS / CSE (Mains) after Declaration of Prelims -

$ Factors to be kept in Mind –

 > Time left –about 2 months after Prelims result 
 > Completion / Revision of Vast Syllabus
 > Need for rigorous study
 > Importance of GS carrying 1000 marks
 > Need to score well in optional carrying 500 marks to go up in merit rank
 > To perform well in Essay Paper as it carry 250 marks
 > Need to clear qualifying papers

$ Key Elements of Strategy

* Time management

* Appropriate prioritization and sequencing of subjects / topics

* Revision 

* Expertise in writing answers

* Mock Tests

$ Action Plan

> Prepare the Revision / Study Plan keeping in mind above factors and key elements of strategy.
 ^ Count number of topics in GS I to IV, Optional I & II
 ^ Assign number of days to each topic
 ^ Give more time to topics not adequately prepared
 > Plan should be in consonance with marks weightage.
 > GS should be given maximum time as it carrying 1000 marks.
 > Devote more time on GS topics not covered in Prelims.
 > Give adequate time to Optional Papers.

$ Dos & Don’ts

* Adhere to action plan
* Maximize the duration of study earmarked for the day, to the extent possible 
* Try to revise from the short notes, if already prepared
* Focus on quality rather quantity
* Gain experience by practicing writing good quality answers and try to get reviewed  
(Answer Review)
* Answers should incorporate main points and avoid writing anything extra
* Write Mock Tests and try to get them evaluated

* Don’t ignore GS –IV ( Ethics) – it carries 250 marks

@ If one has joined coaching, try to realign your action plan with that of coaching schedule.

## The answers for Mock Test for Essay and GS Papers I, II & III - may be sent to for review and comments.